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Things to consider while buying an operational school

School enterprise in India is definitely a dynamic process but sometimes changes in educational policies tends edupreneurs to be the spectator of unlikely or unplanned events. In that case, the school promoters transfer it to other school management and give up the ownership which further opens up for sale. It might appear as an easy process to start your own school project by buying an operational school but the fact is these schools must have faced distress due to dire circumstances and positioning these schools back into normal state requires a proper conditioning

There are certain details that need to be looked after before buying an operational school-gather information about the situations in which the school started, reasons for its progress and finally the stages prior to selling it. A comprehensive evaluation of these three stages would give an insight into the scope of its re- emergence.

The common thing which is seen in schools that are in distress is inadequate number of admissions. The school fails to get admissions because of the gap in management, faulty positioning and unfulfilled promises in terms of learning outcomes etc. Other issues may be unaffordability of fees, transportation problem and bad results.

The greatest challenge faced by the new administration is to cope up with the failed reputation of the school. First a thorough analysis is required to retain the reputation of the school.

The inquiry is done to check whether the failure is redeemable or not. The edupreneur must first analyse the history of the school and decide how to proceed with the activity i.e., whether to continue the school in the same building or revamp the school by adding additional rooms etc because the infrastructure serves as a USP for the schools on sale.

It is obvious that the schools that is being bought would definitely need to undergo changes. These changes should be shown to the people and convince them they are indeed worthwhile. Location is very important for the success even for the boarding schools. Those who are buying the school should take this factor into consideration for the residents of the locality to have awareness about the school.

Other important aspects that are worth considering is the connectivity, recruitment of staffs and cost of transportation.

The operational school would only see the light of the day if the aforementioned requirements are met as per the need.


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